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A memorial for your loved one is a place to focus your remembrance of your loved one and a place to visit and be at one. Horne Brothers work with a local memorial expert to create a fitting tribute to your relative or friend.

Your Choice

Memorials can take many forms, from traditional gravestones to more elaborate monuments. Inscriptions can be personal tributes or simply names and dates. The look, feel and contents of your memorial are entirely your choice, but Horne Brothers will liaise sensitively with you to ensure that your memorial fits your needs.


Tombstone with heart on graveyard

Many people also consider to provide ongoing maintenance for their memorial to ensure that it is well maintained and cared for at all times of year. Horne Brothers can help to arrange ongoing maintenance to ensure that your loved one’s memorial remains in good condition and provides you with a place to reflect with family and friends.

New Descriptions

Horne Brothers can also provide many additional services for memorials, including additional inscriptions, re-gilding, re-painting and re-lead lettering, re-fixing memorials, memorial cleaning and maintenance and memorials for children. Please contact us for more details and we will be on hand to help you with any aspects.

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